Translation Ratification
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Administrative affairs dept.
Family Court (Ahmadi) ، Ministries Complex

- Translation issued and signed from an accredited office by the Ministry of Justice, if the origin was from a third language then a translation in Arabic and English in the same document should be brought from the same translation office
- Transactions issued by government authorities do not need ratification
- Transactions issued outside the State of Kuwait have to be ratified by The Kuwaiti Consulate and hence Kuwaiti Foreign Affairs
- Civil ID or a copy of the person of interest (individuals) and adoption and signature (companies) to get a clearance from the translation department

Required documents

1- Original document and a copy
2- Original translation stamped and signed by the translation office

2 KWD for the first paper and 0.5 KWD for every paper after that
Used Forms


Time required for the transaction
Transactions take from 1 hour to 2. Appointments are made to take the appllicants information (name and phone number) to call them once the transaction is made
Location for transaction accomplishment

Ministries Complex, Translation Department, Block (14), Ground Floor
Family Court, Translation Department, Mahboula, Building (F)​

Inquiry Numbers


Concerned party

​Administrative Affairs Department 

Other parties

All interior and exterior authorities

Actions in the same building