Scheduling a hearing
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Family court clerks dept. in court of appeal
Ahmadi Court ، Farwaniya Court (Al Raq'y) ، Hawally Court

​Presence of the person of interest or his legal agent

Required documents

​1- Appeal paper from the prosecution office or a lawyers office; signed by a lawyer who has the right to sign appeal papers, stamped by the customs department stating that the fees are paid, stamped by the announcements department stating that the announcement has been audited with the original file, copies of the announcement from all parties and a copy of the first-instance sentence

2- Receipt of the payment fees and if the person of interest was present then a copy of the civil id is needed. In the case of the attorney being present then a copy of the agencies is needed

3- Lawyers Association ID

Used Forms


Time required for the transaction
It would take an hour to an hour and a half if the file is written by the prosecutors office, stamped by a lawyer, paid for and audited by the announcements department then transferred to the register
Location for transaction accomplishment

​The Register

Inquiry Numbers

​- Al Asma control t-22464539

- Hawali control t- 22626514 ext- 105

- Ahmadi control t- 23713001 ext- 640

- Mubarak Al Kabeer control t- 25513806 ext- 181

- Farwaniya control t- 94977545

- Jahra control t- 66775632

Concerned party

​Family court clerks in the court of appeal

Other parties

​- Lawyers Office

- Prosecutors Office

- Customs department

- Announcement depaartment

- The Register