Deed of gift and irreversibility
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Real estate registration dept.
Ministries Complex ، Farwaniya Court (Al Raq'y) ، Ahmadi Court ، jahra new courts complex

​1- If the property is encumbered, the debtor has to attach a letter of agreement to transfer the property 

2- In the case of irreversibility from one of the parents, a signature of the benefactor is content and a statement to apply for registration according to the model prepared by the department stating that there is no problem in moving back on the deed and it is a condition of changing the real estate description or the death of one of the parties

3- Leave of the court is required for irreversibility, except for the parents or by the agreement of both parties and signing on the management model by registration  

Required documents

​In the case of first-instance deed of gift (Spouses, Father, Mother and the children)

1- Original document

2- Civil ID copy

3- Proof of kinship

In the case of another deed of gift

1- Original document

2- Certificate of description and an assessment letter from the Municipality

3- Proof of kinship

4- Civil ID copy

Used Forms

​- Fourth module

- First module

Time required for the transaction
One hour to one day
Location for transaction accomplishment

​Real estate registration branches:

1- Real estate registration department in Al Asma governorate (Ministries Complex, Block 15, First Floor)

2- Real estate registration department in Farwaniya governorate (Farwaniya Courts Complex)

3- Real estate registration department in Ahmadi governorate (Ahmadi Court)

4- Real estate registration department in Jahra governorate (Jahra New Courts Complex)​​

Inquiry Numbers

​- 22486508

- 22486542

Concerned party

​Real estate registration department 

Other parties

​Internal authorities:

1- Technical affairs monitoring

2- Contract monitoring

3- Stock control

External authorities:

1- Court (Justice Palace) 

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