Documentation of non-muslim contracts (of monotheistic religions): Marriage contracts - Marriage contracts ratification - dissolution of marriage contracts (only civil contracts issued by The Ministry of Justice) - Limitation of succession and will
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Authentication dept.
Ministries Complex

​Presence of the people of interest or a representative

Required documents

​1- Original Civil ID's with their copies

​2- Presence of two male witnesses (of monotheistic religions) 

3- Additionally in the following cases:

Marriage contracts: Certificate from the church or the embassy that the parties of the contract belong to stating that this is their first marriage, translated to Arabic and certified from The Kuwaiti Foreign Affairs 

Limitation of succession: Limitation of succession certificate from the church of Kuwait written in Arabic, and a copy of the death certificate

Dissolution of marriage (For civil contracts issued by The Ministry of Justice): Original marriage contract issued by The Ministry of Justice with copies of it 

Document a Marriage contract and ratify it: Original marriage contract (translated to Arabic and ratified by the translation department) ratified from The Kuwaiti Foreign Affairs if it was issued out of Kuwait 

1 KWD for every page in the contract
Used Forms


Time required for the transaction
One hour (depends on the transaction)
Location for transaction accomplishment

​Ministries Complex, Ministry of Justice, Block 15, Ground Floor ​

Inquiry Numbers


Concerned party

​Documentation Department 

Other parties

​- Ministry of Justice 

- The church of whom the parties belong to

- The specific embassy 

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