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Capital Governorate execution dept. ، Mubarak Al-Kabeer Governorate execution Dept.
General Directorate of Implementation (Al Watiya)

1- The provision to be final

2- To not have other seizures

3- By order of a judge, the implementation includes expedited enforceability without providing a guarantee

Required documents

​Civil ID of the person who performs the exchange (Right of exchange) or the power of attorney of the agent

Used Forms

​Disbursement authority form

Time required for the transaction
Approximately 30 minutes
Location for transaction accomplishment

​- Souk Al Watiya, 6th Floor, Room 20 or 28

- Mubarak Al Kabeer, Implementation, 3rd Floor, Finance Department, Room 343

Inquiry Numbers

​Follow-up and citizen service office


Ext. 131

Concerned party

​Public Adminstration for Implementation

Other parties

​Archiving Department, Room 10